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Player Name: Prof
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Other Characters Played: Sasha Braus

Character Name: Rin Tezuka
Canon Katawa Shoujo

Talking to Rin can be like talking to four crazy people who are all having different conversations with different imaginary friends. It's confusing, stream of consciousness, and meandering, leaving her conversational partners struggling to keep up with her constantly-derailing train of thought. Her constant nonsensical-sounding statements can create the impression of someone who never thinks about what they're saying, but that's actually close to the opposite of the truth. If anything, Rin's problem is that she thinks too hard about everything she says. Everyone has a stream of consciousness, but every thought that floats through Rin's head shines out to her like a beacon, and she isn't very good at translating the things that seem to make sense in her head into the words that she wants to say. She means everything she says, at least in the sense that if she says something, it's a serious thought that she had, and decided to share with the world, for better or for worse. The concept of censoring one's thoughts is a somewhat intimidating one for her, because it means that the words she's saying no longer match the thoughts in her head, and then she feels like she can't make herself understood.

That was a bit of a confusing explanation, but Rin doesn't really understand Rin any better than anyone else does. She doesn't understand other people very well, for that matter. She's too good at internalization - she lives in a world populated entirely by herself. Dealing with the other people who live in the world can be stressful, and she reacts to social overstimulation by pushing people away from herself. Even with people who help her with every aspect of day-to-day life, she doesn't really consider herself to have any friends, because of the ever-persent barrier between what she says and what she thinks - for someone to truly understand someone else, they'd have to become them, and because that's impossible, she dosen't feel truly connected to anyone else.

To this end, Rin turns to art. Paintings are easier for her to understand than people, and every work is an expression of the self of the artist at the time that they produced it. This is the main reason Rin paints, and also the reason she shies away from exhibitions and the like - she only paints for herself. The reason that this is important to her, indirectly, is that Rin has a terrible fear of change. To become something other than what she is is the scariest thing in the world to her, but it's also an inevitable part of growing and living. To this end, she has her paintings - ten years from now, a painting she does now will still be a part of the person she was ten years ago. So, she paints, and all of her paintings are her connections to her past selves. Every day when she wakes up, she's a different person than she was the day before, but every day, she doesn't know who she is. She has a constant nagging worry that she's slowly becoming less and less capable of dealing with the world, but even if she forgot how to speak entirely, she'd still have her paintings as her anchor to her myriad past selves.

Rin has a somewhat addictive personality - she's the sort of person who would keep taking cold medication until she got high off of it. She thinks that anything that has eyes but isn't alive (say, rubber ducks) is creepy. Her favorite animal is butterflies. She is fascinated by the sky, because it's constantly changing (relevant to her views about herself), but is always perfect. She has little respect for the privacy of others, and a tendency to take things too literally.

Setting Info:
Canon Point: End of Act 1, Rin's route

Abilities/Powers: N/A

Intended Guild: Seekers of Artistic Expression

Notes/Other Info: N/A

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